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Work From Home/Postural Restoration Exercises Zoom class

Working from home giving you neck and back pain?!  With everyone working from home our work stations have changed dramatically.  And the reality is that working from home has caused us to not be as active as before.  We are sitting more and maybe even working more hours.  Come join Caitlin Carroll, physical therapist with Athletico Physical Therapy in the South Loop to learn postural restoration exercises and stretches to complete throughout the day.


Caitlin Carroll, PT has worked for Athletico Physical Therapy for 11 years, with 6 of those managing the South Loop facility located at Archer and State.  Caitlin graduated from Marquette University in 2009.  Caitlin was an Irish dancer growing up which in turn led her to becoming a PT.  She has a passion for helping people and loves her job!  She loves to encourage people and coach her patients to a healthier lifestyle through physical activity.  Caitlin has certifications in Dry Needling, Graston, Manual therapy.  She has experience treating patients with vertigo, dizziness.  She also has experience with performing artists, gymnastics/cheerleading and ergonomics.

Bartending with the Board

Learn how to make some classic cocktails with your South Loop Neighbors board members. Learn a bit about the origins of the cocktails, ingredient selection, and get a glimpse into the homes of your board while you watch them teach you how to mix your favorite classic cocktails.  


Jim Wales: Pisco Sour 

Christine Hunt: Old Fashioned

Benjamin Cottrell: Martini