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Live Local – Shop Local


        The South Loop is a vibrant neighborhood and as it continues to grow, it becomes increasingly more important for residents to

        support local small businesses. The benefits of shopping local are documented through a number of studies. Among the many

        benefits of increased shopping locally, two at the top of the list are: 


  1. Shopping local helps businesses flourish, bringing a vibrancy to a neighborhood which ultimately results in increased property values, per capita income growth and prosperity for local organizations.

  2. Shopping local brings more money into the local community. On average, $68 of every $100 spent at a locally

       owned business stays in the community versus $43 for the same $100 spent at a national retailer.


      With this in mind, South Loop Neighbors (SLN) wish to encourage all those living in the South Loop to patronize local businesses that

      provide both goods as well as services. 


      South Loop Neighbors especially urge residents to shop at local businesses that have partnered with the South Loop  

      Neighbors as Community Builders. Community Builders are businesses that are members of the SLN and who 

      recognize that a partnerships between SLN and local businesses creates an optimal environment for our neighborhood 

      to maintain and increase the vibrancy of the South Loop! 


      Please visit our website to learn more about our Community Builders. Community Builders are also spotlighted each month in our

      monthly digital newsletter. 


      Remember – support our Community Builders by Shopping Local! 


South Loop Neighbor Community Builder Membership Information 



  • Exposure to our members

    • featured in our newsletter on a rolling basis

    • featured on our website

    • promotional materials allowed at our annual members meeting

    • featured on our social media platforms  

  • 4 tickets to Annual Members Dinner  

  • Only $200 per year!



Go to to become a SLN Community Builder!

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